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Even the most popular and convenient version of the game should have alternatives. If your eye is tired of the design of the classic game Aviator, but you like the game itself and its simplicity, you have the opportunity to try other games, with a modified interface, but no less exciting and beautiful.

All games are available at Pin Up Casino for residents of India!


RocketOn is the latest in-house game to be launched by casino and sportsbook platform provider Digitain. Operators are sure to find the intergalactic title enticing with its customizability, action-packed gameplay and bets on whether or not your favorite Digitain rocket will make it into space.

Winnings are increased even more by the company’s auto cashout function, which allows for automatic betting and payout based on pre-defined odds. This means that players can place their bets while offline!

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JetX –The game offers a unique experience based on a basic human instinct, which might be called fear of missing out on something great. There are no Jet X bonus features other than the jackpot in this unique and simple gameplay, but there is more than enough here. After trying JetX Pin-Up a few times, you’ll get used to the gameplay and the steps required to complete each round.

The goal is to guess how high the plane will fly before it crashes. Before you can do this, you must place a bet. The betting range for this game is 0.10 to 600 euros, which makes it an ideal choice for all types of players

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Rocket Man

Rocket Man

Rocket Man – This IGT slot machine is the perfect low-stakes game for amateurs. The maximum credits you can place in this 3 x 1 connected betting device are 1650, and when 5 wild symbols appear on your screen they will unlock a jackpot worth 2000 creditsthat’s why we recommend playing Rocket man! Rocket Man is a slot game with 99 paylines that has the player exploring decades of history. symbols include Rocket man himself, his aides and enemies from this era as well other superheroes like Atomic Power jar or Gold Bars for those who prefer to bet on stability rather than risk!

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Space XY is one where common sense meets greed. It requires you to exercise maximum self-control and remember that chasing multipliers will always be fun! The new fly-in feature has allowed gamers with careful behavior up until now, but Bgaming has also released 10k wins as an option for those who want it most – only possible though slow thinking or quick reactions at times when needed most?  Bgaming’s innovative Space XY game is a welcome addition to classic slots. Thanks to the user-friendly and easy interface and symbols, you can play this fun game while waiting for the bonus rounds of your favorite slot machine!

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