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If you’re looking for a new kind of social multiplayer casino game for real money, take a look at Aviator. This interactive experience will make your head spin as the curve keeps growing and your winnings grow by the second!

The game Aviator is a new and exciting online game. This format has become popular in the video game industry, but now it is migrating from crypto casinos to regular online casinos with us!

Advantages of the Aviator Game

  • The first game from this developer to be released on every casino’s online platform, it was an instant hit on our platform!
  • Using the latest technology in the world of gambling, we can create a higher quality product than ever before.
  • Available now for all devices – even those with low bandwidth!
  • You can start the game with the minimum budget.
  • You will be able to raise your bet by 100 or even 1000 times!
  • All of our games provide a superb experience on all devices.

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Game in casino
Demo Game


The fast and easy-to-understand rules of the aviator betting game make it a great choice for those who are looking quickly give their opinion on an upcoming race.

  • Each round takes only 5 seconds so you have plenty of time (and won’t risk missing anything) before beginning each new bet with every single player in turn at once!
  • The game is all about betting and getting a random stake multiplier starting from 1x depending on the altitude at which your aircraft will be taking flight.
  • The game is all about betting and hoping for a great multiplier. If you cash out before the aircraft flies off, then your bet goes down in value with every second that passes!
  • Flying high on the success of other players, you place your bet and hope for a great multiplier based on Aviator game history data. For example, if we wager 1k INR with an expected return of 2x the original stake; after winning it will be worth 250 bucks!
Game in casino
Demo Game

Aviator Pin-Up

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The hottest new games are coming out of the internet casino every day, and players can enjoy top-notch slots or live dealer options for an even more immersive experience.

The Aviator game is one of the most thrilling casino experiences you can have. As soon as your eyes fix on its title, it’s hard not to be drawn in by what lies ahead!

As soon as you enter the game, a plane will appear, going up and then falling down at some point. When the rounds start, the game time (money multiplier) starts increasing too!

Aviator game online

With only a few seconds to spare, you must press the cash-out button before your plane crashes. If not done in time then it’s game over for all!

This is an online casino game with random rounds – no one can predict when or where this might happen so make sure that every second counts by getting started now.

Aviator Pin Up is a multiplayer game: many players can play it online simultaneously. Aviator is a social project, users communicate with each other in the in-game chat.

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Aviator Game Free

If you are new to The Aviator Game, there is an opportunity to try the democratic version of the game on our website.

The demo game is the same as playing for real money, so practice and move on to serious winnings!

Game in casino
Demo Game

Aviator App

The interface and design of the application are worked out to the smallest detail.

All the buttons and pictures are drawn and brought to perfection, so playing Aviator is very interesting, comfortable, and pleasing to the eye. Sound accompaniment will help you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and enjoy the game after a hard day’s work.

Aviator game apk:

  • Unique engine, which made the game extremely easy
  • Low weight on a cell phone and tablet load
  • Works without brakes on both the most expensive and the most budgetary models of cell phones.
  • We managed to make it as exciting and interesting for users as possible. The game will definitely appeal to true fans of the genre.
  • All the buttons and pictures are traced and brought to perfection, so playing Aviator is very interesting, comfortable, and pleasing to the eye.

Aviator game calculator

The aviator slot game is one of the simplest games you can play. There’s nothing more exciting than getting an unexpected win! In this article, we’ll tell all about how it works so that when your luck runs out and things start going wrong – as they always do-you will know what to expect next time around.

The good thing about the casino Aviator game is that it does not matter if you are a high or a low roller – anyone will be able to play it since the minimum bet starts at 0.10€. If you are playing for the first time we would advise you to bet less and get familiar with the game.

Aviator game prediction

  1. Once you know the game and how it works, maybe try for higher bets. The maximum bet size in Aviator depends on which online casinos I’m playing at; usually, more than 1000€ so that should definitely be enough to satisfy any player!
  2. This game offers many different ways to bet. You can choose how much you want in each separate pool, and if your total comes up between (-) then it’s a celebration!
  3. Secondly, players will find that they are not limited when choosing their own odds because there is no such thing as being too confident or afraid- every option gives an equal opportunity for success which means all bets should be taken seriously since nothing feels better than winning big after putting everything on edge just minutes ago by making two small decisions during gameplay

Aviator game PC

Pin Up Aviator

Cryptocurrencies are often used in online casinos to pay for gambling services. Unfortunately, this means that players with no cryptocurrency knowledge can’t access these games and bonuses – even if they’re offered by a reputable site that claims it offers “whatever your heart desires”.

To make life easier for you, we have prepared some reliable online casinos where you can try this game and have fun. You can play this game both on desktop and mobile devices, as it is very well optimized.

Despite the fact that slot machine Aviator is 100% honest and works with a random number generator, at present it can only be found in online casinos licensed by Curacao. The best of all licensed online casinos would be Pin Up Casino. Our website has detailed instructions on how to start earning in Pin-Up Casino game Aviator.

Aviator interface



  • The demo mode of this casino game can be played directly from Pin-Up casino’s website or through their app on your mobile device.


  • The plane’s altitude is measured on the y-axis, and time is calculated by x. The multiplier value appears once it reaches its maximum height– so rise up high or soar far past others to see how long you last!


  • The game is one that requires luck and operates on provably fair technology. This makes it virtually impossible for someone to predict or manipulate an outcome, thus creating a fun environment where everyone has equal chances of winning!


  • You put your money on the line and pray that this plane has plenty of altitudes to reach those stakes.

Aviator game is real or fake?

  • The game Aviator on our website is fully licensed. You can follow the link above and play for real money at Pin-Up Casino or aviator game 1xbet

Attention! Aviator game is only for use by persons over 18 years of age and for entertainment purposes only.

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